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Country Barn Woodworking can produce custom designs to fit your needs. We have both 3-D CAD software and a very powerful cabinet design program. We can produce detailed drawings and layouts of kitchens, baths, and entertainment centers along with photo-realistic renderings to show you just what your project will look like before we cut one board. Do you want a cabinet to fit an odd-sized opening? No problem. Have you seen a piece of furniture that you like in a catalog or magazine but want it 3 inches shorter and in a different kind of wood? Let us know, and we can probably redesign it for you.

Here is an example of our custom design work. The first picture is a computer model of one of our Hanging Bottle Racks and the second picture is what the finished project looks like.


We can do production work also. We can build standard size ‘stock’ cabinets as well as produce large or small quantities of custom designs.

Please remember that all wood products will be slightly different. No two trees are the same, and no two pieces of wood from them will look the same. Color and grain patterns will vary from board to board. That variation is passed into each piece of furniture, making each one unique.

Design work.

When designing a custom piece, there are many things to consider.


Budgets are a touchy subject, but are a very critical element in the design process. It is important for you to understand your budget, and the options you have available to stay within that budget. Also, be very careful when getting bids from different shops to be sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Door style

Cabinet doors can be made in thousands of styles due to different profiles on the inside and outside edge of the frame, different profiles on the center panel, and whether the tops are square, arched, or cathedral. They can also be made inset, partial inset, or to overlay the cabinet frames. Believe it or not, door hardware, handles, knobs, and hinges, play a huge role in designing cabinets. Hardware choices can affect both door profiles and cabinet construction.

Type of wood for exteriors

This is the wood that is going to show. It is for the doors, face frames, cabinet ends, and molding. It also includes the interiors of cabinets with glass doors or open shelving. Wood should be selected to suit your personal taste. Please do not confuse the kind of wood with the color associated with it. Sometimes, a premium priced wood such as walnut or mahogany is substituted with a cheaper wood with ‘walnut’ or ‘mahogany’ stain. When working with Country Barn Woodworking, if you tell us you want cherry, we will price and build your project using cherry wood. If you want the color of cherry but do not really care what kind of wood is used, please let us know and we will try to find an appropriate wood/stain combination to meet your needs.

Type of wood for interiors

Cabinet interiors can be made of the same wood as the exteriors, different wood, or melamine in either solid colors or wood grain patterns. Maple is very commonly used for cabinet interiors due to its subdued grain patterns and light color.




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