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We can get nearly any solid wood from our suppliers. Lumber can be color selected for a clear, consistent style, or we can get rustic grades that are still high quality woods, just showing larger amounts of color variation, knots, and mineral streaking.

Sheet goods
Sheet goods include plywood, MDF (medium density fiberboard), and particle board. Sheets can be plain, veneered, or laminated.

Plywood is made by laminating thin layers of wood, usually utilizing a cheaper wood such as pine for the interior layers, with a high quality, thin veneer of a more desirable species on the exposed faces.

Melamine is a laminated product that is very durable and easy to clean. It comes in a wide variety of thicknesses and colors, including wood grain patterns. It is a good, economical choice for cabinet interiors. It is usually on particle board or MDF sheets.

MDF stands for medium density fiberboard.. It is made from wood pulp (fibers), not chips as in particleboard. It is then mixed with a resin glue and heated and compressed into sheets. MDF is very heavy, consistent in density and thickness, and resists warping because its fibers are not directionally oriented.

Particle board is made of small chips of wood that are mixed with a resin glue and heated and compressed into sheets. Particleboard is very consistent in density and thickness. It is more stable, and less prone to warping than plywood, but not as strong. It is very commonly used as a substrate for laminated countertops.

Edge banding
Edge banding is used to veneer the edges of plywood to make it look like solid wood. Its thickness can range from .5mm on up. The thinner banding is typically used on drawer material and interior shelving. Thicker edging is used on shelving in commercial or other high-wear applications that justify its use.

We normally use a vinyl sealer to seal the wood from moisture, followed by two coats of a satin sheen, pre-catalyzed lacquer topcoat.

Stain changes the color of the wood, and also helps to ‘pop’ or make the grain pattern of the wood stand out. Options for stain colors are endless.

Moldings add detail to cabinets and furniture. Furniture often looks ‘bare’ or unfinished without moldings. We often make our own moldings to guarantee that color, grain, and quality match the rest of the project.

Hardware includes items such as hinges, drawer slides, handles, knobs, and shelf supports. We have access to thousands of hardware items that are sure to suit your style and fit your budget.


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